Moore Energy offers maintenance, warranty, and performance evaluation services on photovoltaic systems for our customers, as well as systems installed by other solar installers which are no longer in business.


Contact us at 800-587-5534 Ext: 1006 to learn more about our solar services.


Remove and Reset For Roof Repairs

  • Evaluate system
  • Coordinate all work with roofing contractor and material manufacturers
  • Remove modules, racking, and wiring
  • Safely store all components
  • Reinstall racking, wiring, and modules per roofing manufacturers specifications and guidlines
  • Ensure system is fully operational and functioning per design


  • Module cleaning
  • Checking wire connections for tightness
  • Cleaning inverters
  • Checking for and eliminating corroded connections


  • Evaluating and replacing failing components under manufactures warranty program
  • Servicing installation for manufacturer’s recalls, upgrade meters, storm damage
  • Process all paperwork associated with warranty claim


  • Measuring actual power output vs. rated performance
  • Checking modules for power output
  • Checking inverters
  • Checking connection points
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